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First Time on a Paddleboard

A few weeks ago we had a family reunion on the Magnolia River in Alabama. My cousins and I rented some paddleboards and went out on daily "missions" to see how many of the little inlets we could explore. Some of the missions turned out to be longer than we expected. Normally I am a complete zealot about … Continue Reading

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Things I learned in printmaking class

Here's what I learned at the Atlanta Printmakers Studio, where I took a class on Relief Prints and learned how to create lino cuts and woodcuts. 1. Being an artist is not the same as being a printmaker. I suppose … [Read More...]


Adventures in Printmaking

A few years ago, I bought a Yudu printer.  I believed the hype: "You can print white ink on black paper, just like a Gocco, except it's made in the USA, you can print up to 11x14, and you can re-use the screens..." … [Read More...]


Book Review: Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg

I joined a mentoring circle at work, and one of our assignments was to read Lean In. It doesn’t take long to read, and I think everyone can benefit from the overall message: Gender bias is real, and there is plenty … [Read More...]