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Happy Equinox!

It's the autumnal equinox where daylight and nighttime are equal.  Today I picked some cards from my Earth Magic deck, and found a really interesting quote from Steven Farmer, PhD: In many areas of the world, deciduous trees prepare for the winter and conserve their energy by contracting their life force -- … Continue Reading

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A Tale of Table Manners

Wow. Mom just butt-dialed me. And when I finally got her to start talking, the conversation quickly escalated into A Tale of Table Manners. It seems that my mother and stepfather witnessed some lackluster behavior … [Read More...]


Color Scheme of the Day

Sometimes I'll see imaginary color patterns while I'm doing yoga. When this happens (once or twice a year), it feels like a special occasion and I like to document the color combination. It's sort of like a quest … [Read More...]